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Yarmouth Port, MA

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reply to Dark Shikari

Re: [Connectivity] Comcast throttling?

said by Dark Shikari:

When uploaders try to connect to a client, it instantly issues a 10053 error, disconnecting them.
10053 is WSACONNABORT which means that the local side (your OS, network software, or device driver) closed the connection on purpose.

- software firewall
- no remaining available buffers or ports
- protocol timeouts

Let's rule out the last one, since you said this happens instantly. But it is that last one where Comcast could be implicated. By filtering ACKs and FINs coming back to you, they could create the error number that you're giving -- but it wouldn't be instant -- it would several seconds to several minutes.

I'm wondering what has changed over the past couple of weeks that could be affecting you. I'm on Comcast in Hillsboro and I'm uploading on ED2K and seeding on BitTorrent without issues. I'm using Shareaza which does not support encryption on BitTorrent, yet.

P2P users like to use that hacked TCPIP.SYS file. I don't. Do you? Perhaps one of the recent MS security patches is conflicting with the hacked TCPIP.SYS.

I don't put much weight into those forum reports and the Wiki that you linked. They put Comcast on the list rather quickly, with very little actual evidence. And, like I said before, that error message doesn't really jive with traffic shaping.

I may end up with egg on my face, but try this:

Open a tcp connection (either telnet, ssh, ftp). After it is established, disconnect your network cable on the WAN side of your router. The error message (or other behavior) that you get is the one that Comcast could generate.
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