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Yarmouth Port, MA

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reply to alfnoid

Re: [Connectivity] Comcast throttling?

said by alfnoid:

little birdies say that it IS so.
It is apparently supposed to affect the incoming (to the comcast network) only...for now anyway.

Don't know any more details as the birdies I listen to didn't have anymore info than that.
I am seeing evidence of this, but it's not conclusive.

CacheLogic ( »www.cachelogic.com/ ) shows up in my firewall log from time to time. Most recently, they showed up while I was downloading a popular linux distribution -- a legal file -- via BitTorrent. I went to their website and, yes, that's what they do. They identify file sharing traffic for ISPs.

My speed did not seem affected at all. It was a fast swarm. Perhaps it's just monitoring for now. Or perhaps they ignored me because they got dropped at my firewall.
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