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Premium,ExMod 2003-06
reply to LegoPower77

Re: Conflict of interest? Maybe...

said by LegoPower77:

said by bmn:

Too bad the concept of "onerous government regulation" can't objectively be drawn in the sand. There is no way to factually establish when such a point is reached.
That's what political arguments like this one are for, buck.
Yeah, but since politics is bullshit and political discussions are bullshit discussions, nothing of value comes from them.

said by bmn:

As for opposing "onerous government regulation" being "consumer advocacy," the problem is that people who typically oppose "onerous government regulation" present ideas and solutions that leave business holding all the power and consumers out in the cold. In other words, screwing one pooch to help another.
Ah yes, the eeevil bogeyman business. People get profit from serving people. Also, people are scared of things they don't understand; do I sense fear in your point of view?
You sense nothing... You make stuff up. I understand the conflict of interest between for profit groups offer services and those who purchase services. The interests of both parties are contradictory.
"Extremes to the right and left of any political dispute are always wrong."
—Dwight Eisenhower