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This is a sub-selection from 2050

Dr Demento
I Vant Blud

Denville, NJ

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reply to Movin to Mexico

Re: 2050

said by Movin to Mexico :

By 2050 the US will be a territory of Mexico.
And owned by a plutocratic conglomerate of energy, telecom companies, Ford, GE and Microsoft.


Beaverton, MI

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Pfft, by 2050 aliens will have finally invaded and taken over and we will have conformed to our new alien masters. This of course wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for that damn weapon ban of 2049. If only the threat of the King of England invading would have been taken seriously.......


Murrells Inlet, SC

In 2027 China bought the US interest's to all companies that were left after the Corporate wars of 2017-2019.

China already had massive holding's in the US under names that were more American or Japaneese looking. The GMC name was dropped in 2008 after a complete buyout by Nissan/SAAB.

After the abolishment of the US Senate, Congress and Presidency in favor of a Corporate, profit centered leadership, the US showed a mind boggling increase in tax revenue, which in turn payed off any existing Nation debt and had a monumental cash reserve. Monies were found to have be stored in Swiss accounts from the last 50 years.

The population now had free everything. From food and transportation to Medical services and personal communication devices for world wide communicating.

The Internet, as it was called, was replaced by the XZiono Net.
A system of implanted TX and RX devices powered by the human bodies own electrical fields, which proved to be far superior then satellite or the then DSL.

They even used wires to communicate back in the early 21st century. It was better than nothing it seems.

The Middle Eastern countries who, at one time, controled much of the worlds oil supply were assimilated into one large Isrealy state.

In 2050 oil was no longer needed accept as a substitue for the new synthetics, as a backup.

An now for the weekly castration statistics from "Poputrol".