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Beaverton, MI

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Re: Ofcourse

Does she know what she's missing? Then again, if she doesn't really download much of anything, it probably doesn't matter much anyway. Though just waiting for webpages to load is getting longer and longer by the year with all the crap people are adding/embedding into them..

This isn't much of a surprise, just look at Japan to see how far behind the US is with broadband and well most electronics. By the time we catch up to where Japan is now, they'll be even further ahead.

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Behind, behind, behind. I guess we should just get the government to take over our telecom industry, so we can be taxed to heaven for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,TBits/sec "free" Internet!

She doesn't care what she is missing. Until they can sell her even 128k/128k DSL for $10 per month, she isn't interested.

There are enough people in the U.S. resistant to even $20 per month Internet that you will have to find some way to either provide the speed at that price, or convince them that they need the speed.

It is as much about what people are willing to pay, as about what we are able to deploy. Those of you who would love the speed will just have to accept that, unless you want to pick up the tab for 100M/10M Internet all by yourselves, you are stuck with what people are willing to pay for.

And how fast is fast enough? I can't see any difference between 1536 and 3008 in most cases. Damned if I am going to pay $60 per month for a measly 4M download, which is what I would have to pay for the Comcast 4M/384k package in this area, for "naked" cable Internet.

And I don't qualify for AT&T's 6016/768 package, even if I was willing to pay $27.99 per month to get it; but I am not.

You really need 100M/10M Internet? Tokyo has a lot of connections. Only $25 per month, I hear; assuming you can pay the rent for a place to live.

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