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Winter Haven, FL
reply to pnh102

Re: That's the Price of Living In the Middle of Nowhere

said by pnh102:

said by LoneGreyWolf:

We moved here with the notion from Verizon that DSL would be here within a year of us moving. We were pressed for a place to live and only had 30 days to find a place. Long story short, we moved 6 hours away from where we were and still waiting for a service that we're very unlikely to see. People say, if you want broadband, just move.
I just bought a house myself, and the first thing on the list of qualifiers was broadband, if a listing's address did not come up in either Verizon's database or did not have cable modem service, it was off the list.

Now there will always be a few exceptions to every rule, but for most situations, the availability or lack of a particular service is a function of one's own choice.
I understand that, but if you read what I wrote, then you will see we were told by Verizon that we would have DSL within a years time. We were being forced out of our apartment because the landlord wasn't renewing the lease, we had 30 days to get out, we had 3 children at the time, we couldn't be picky. A house that we would own presented itself, so we jumped at it with the notion from Verizon, lesson learned, never trust Verizon.