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Winter Haven, FL
reply to Techman21

Re: That's the Price of Living In the Middle of Nowhere

We actually had no prior notice that we were being kicked out. He had other plans for the apartment that included him in it, so we were given 30 days, to which we couldn't fight as that's the minimum he had to give. We were pressed for time and had to find something large enough to house, at that time, 5 people.

As of right now, your right, no one is forced to have a computer, but last year, my son was in first grade, he had homework that was to be done on a computer if you had one (with parental assistance). Our local library is on dial-up and over 10 miles away, so it's not like he can just walk or ride his bike there, plus it's no better off then we are with the connection and the school library as far as I know closes before 5pm.

Funny you should mention college. My english1010 professor actually did give me extensions on assignments because of my connection. He understood that I could rarely stay long enough after classes to get anything done and that my connection didn't do to well when researching articles for assignments. I can't begin to tell you how many page timeouts and large PDF downloads I came across to do one paper. He took pity on me and allowed me extensions. I thanked him profusely for allowing me those extensions.