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Elf Wizard
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to Headtalk

Re: That's the Price of Living In the Middle of Nowhere

said by Headtalk:

I live under fifty miles from MIT and Harvard so I am hardly far from civilization. There is FIOS 22 miles and cable 1 mile from my home in the town next to me. Everyone knows the issue is my community has the one of the lowest per capita income in MA. I guess that's big business and greed. I pay $79 for 1500/256 sat and latency of 500ms to 1000ms unusable for VPN.

Rant off -

Just Remembering 9/11

your town should do its own BB network and tell the imcumbents to go Fsck themselves. if they try and sue tell the court to go Fsck itself and build anyway. sometimes defiance is the best way to get whats needed to the people.
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