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Chesterfield, MO

When will it end?

Although there will always be folks who want it to be free, hacking/pirating/stealing becomes a non issue when the product perceived as a value. I've said this many times regarding the music industry. If it only cost a few bucks to buy a new CD, pirating would be reduced to background noise. However, as long as the labels keep turning out "albums" that are 75% crap, who wants to pay $15? It's why on-line music sites have exploded -- folks can eliminate the crap from each album and only buy the songs they like.

If hacking cable modems is prevalent, there's a lesson for the cable companies. Either eliminate the gatekeeper role from the CPE and control it at the head end or figure out a way to give the P2P crowd what they want without killing the rest of us. For instance, why not provide a "P2P" package that provides dynamic bandwidth. That is, the P2P package gets a lower priority but it gets whatever bandwidth is left -- with a stop loss (i.e. minimum speed -- say 1Mbps). When the other "constant" packages aren't using the system, the P2P packages runs at 30Mbps or some equally outrageous bandwidth.


Victoria, BC
That's a pretty damn good idea actually.