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Winter Park, FL

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reply to FFH

Re: bad idea..

said by FFH:

Yes, you can find in the Comcast forum a number of posts of those who got caught and then come whine about how the big bad cable company permanently disconnected them from all cable services - including TV.
Yes, I will say that the CMTS is capable of running scripts under certain conditions. One condition, exceeding bandwidth allowance, auto-generates a ticket to one of the national ticket centers, and they review the log. Once they find the culprit, they determine the node they are on, and if you are persistent enough (keep hacking with spoofed MAC's) then they simply send a maintainence guy out to the neighborhood, and will disconnect you at the tap. Don't ask me how they locate people, but I think it has something to do with which return channel and amplifier you talk to the node with. Not sure about other companies, but about 3 years ago, I offered to "explore" the ability of undetectable hacking. Lets just say I wasn't able to get permission, but discovered a co-worker's roommate did it, and he was caught within 24 hours, woke up to no internet, came to work with supervisors waiting to talk to him about "why he hacked his modem". Luckly, he DOES have a roommate, and explained the situation. They took his internet away for about 3 years, and it took lots of occasional begging to get it back. He ended up having to prove his roommate wasn't living there anymore. This was 6 years ago, and I'm sure it's gotten much better. Although it would be neat to try, I definately wouldn't do it from my house, or modem.
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