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Irving, TX
·Verizon FiOS
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reply to Jerm

Re: Not what happend to me...

said by Jerm:

Now the config files are much more secure, and uncapping is just not doable unless you completely hack your firmware and change your MAC. Even then its still not worth it. I'm happy to pay Charter for my 10mbps, but looking forward to Fios in my area

In no way do I cone hacking the modem. It can't be done these days anyways - at least not with hacks I used. Pay for your service, or if really deperate be happy on your leeched wireless connection
Funny. I like how you say that. "Pay for your service." But, the thing that's going to force me to buy an older modem just so I can do it is because I was downgraded by 2MB and no one seems to know why, and still can't even maintain a steady speed. I get between 1-4.5 Mbps on average on a 6mb plan. Nice logic--if only the cable company would deliver on their promise.