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I Need A Drink
Lebanon, PA
reply to blonderella

Re: Wireless users, READ THIS!

said by blonderella:

anyway, there IS wireless service just now expanding into our area, but...and it's a BIG butt...the guy who owns the company, also owns the local dialup service and is a HUGE jack@ss...he is arrogant and a shady businessman, and has banned customers from his place of business who have come in to complain of faulty products they have purchased from him...I've had my own experience too, paying $200 to have a sound problem on my computer fixed, and ended up $200 later they didn't fix the problem, and told me to reformat...l.a.m.e.
As much as I hate to say it? , It does appear that Your experience from the computer will carry over to Your wireless experience, and I can only imagine what would happen if You had a support issue with CO or person?????

said by blonderella:

anyway, he's obviously shady all around...but I still called him (because he's the only other option to satellite) about his wireless service, and he was basically a jerk...he asked our internet habits and I told him with have a 3 computer LAN and do a lot of surfing and some uploading and downloading of files and he told me he wont take my service until he has a graphing program installed in this area...when I asked him what that was and why he needed it before he would provide me service he said in a nasty tone, and I quote, "it's my business and I'll do what I want"...no further explanation given...he then told me how he has cut customer's service off without notice for supposed over usage and has gone back shortly after installing their service and climbed up on their roof and taken his equipment back...
Whoa!!!!!!!, That is insane!!!. Now keep in mind that all of our customers sign a TOS, and if they violate that TOS, they are given warnings for a few times before we just pull the radio. It is quite apparent to me that he is doing this without installing the proper type of network management software(Hence the "graphing software" comment), and he has no way to control what one user could do to the entire network, so when one person fires up Limewire, everything drops to it's knees, hence his comment about "Calling the FCC". First of all, the FCC does not give a rats ass about P2P software. It is the RIAA that would like to know. After reading what You have posted, I suggest You run, not walk, from this WISP and just hang in there until a real WISP comes to town.

said by blonderella:

thanks for the info on what to watch out for when getting wireless internet...after reading the info here, I know this company is probably not an option and I'm stuck with Hughes...
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