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reply to David

Re: So I guess they didn't really prove

The Internet, eh?

In the last eight years I have purchased, maybe, two dozen MPAA DVDs (at least half of them either Buena Vista releases of Studio Ghibli films, or Pioneer releases of some of the lesser anime studios in Japan), and a dozen RIAA music CDs.

Not that I am a piker, nor that I have downloaded their product. If I don't think it is worth buying, I certainly am not going get the pirated version. Junk is still just junk, even if it is grabbed from a pirate site.

I am not a slouch on spending though. In the same period of time I have probably purchased a hundred, or so, DVDs. Mostly foreign stuff (including a was of Studio Ghibli films on Region 2 DVDs). Same with the music CDs. In the latter case, I am willing to pay 2x U.S. CD prices for the music; the Japanese recording studios can't be spending more on production than the U.S. studios, do you think? But they sure stick it to the Japanese consumer!

The point being, the U.S. media purveyors won't offer product that I will pay for. There aren't enough of us for them to bother with. If they can't sell a million a month, they won't package it, and sell it.

If they really want my money, why don't they offer me something I will pay for?
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