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This is a sub-selection from Sad.

West Tenness
reply to insomniac84

Re: Sad.

said by insomniac84:

People who don't pay for movies/music download it for free. Total loss=zero. Those that are willing to pay retail for this stuff will still pay even if they do download a copy for free.
So if I don't want to pay for my meal at a restuarant I should be able to just walk out without paying since I never intended to do so in the first place?

Maybe bank robbers should be allowed to rob banks since they never intend to abide by the law anyways. Or maybe rapists should be able to rape since they aren't going to stop raping. Maybe crack should be legal since crack addicts will smoke crack no matter what.


Schererville, IN
I feel sorry for you. No one is deprived of anything when someone downloads a copy. At best someone is only deprived if someone downloads a copy instead of purchasing it. Plus copyright violations are not theft.