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West Orange, NJ
reply to viperpa33s

Re: Do it all the time

said by viperpa33s:

A person I work with, she said Verizon was going around where she lived trying to sign people up for FIOS. Told her that it would be a free install if she wanted it now but if she didn't want it now and wanted it installed later, it would cost her $1,000 to have Verizon install FIOS. She didn't take it and stuck with Comcast due to the fact Comcast has on demand programming.
Yep, they're doing that in PA too, though they didn't say $1000, just that I'd have to pay for installation. I'm not too worried; I want FIOS when they're doing TV over it and no sooner, and they'll no doubt run a promotion when they get that in.