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SexaT duorP
Saint Louis, MO
reply to wayne8888

Re: Whats the point...it was a condition of the last merger!

said by wayne8888:

Verizon was forced to offer naked DSL as part of its approval to acquire MCI. You can get the fastest (up to 3mbps/768kbps) for $34.95 per month which is $5 more per month than the same speed bundled with telephone. In the long run, you save because even the lowest no-feature telephone plan costs like $17.60 (at least in Baltimore) after those taxes surcharges and fees were added in. So in effect, I was saving $12.60 per month with naked DSL (also called dry-loop dsl) You have to ask to be switched from regular to naked DSL and they make you change phone numbers (which is like a virtual phone number anyway since there is no dialtone). I liked it but I decided to go back to Comcast and pay more for the greater speed (8mbps/768kbps plus the new powerburst with up to 16mbps) (at least until FIOS is available). But anyway, dryloop DSL plus voice over IP is a very economical way of combining internet and umlimited local, long distance and even international phone service (due to the virtually total elimation of taxes surcharges and fees).
Naked DSL may be offered, but it isn't cheap. To get a "naked" DSL line here in KC, i'd have to pay around $15 in other fees. Alternatively, I could get a pay-by-the-minute phone for $7/mo. Add on top of that the $34.95/mo, + taxes and other fees, and my DSL bill would come to $48.17/mo. Add onto that the cost of the modem and installation, and that's more expensive than the 44.95 I pay for cable.

Naked DSL comes at a premium, and until I can get DSL without paying an extra fee for "naked" dsl, then i'm stickin with cable. I don't need a goddamned landline.
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Baltimore, MD
I guess the cost of naked DSL depends on where you live and which phone company you have. Here in Baltimore, naked DSL costs exactly $34.95 with only shipping charges on the free modem added if you sign up for a year (month to month is probably $8 more if they follow the pattern of what they charged regular DSL customers for month to month service). Verizon finally eliminated the Federal Universal Ser vice Fund recovery fee, which was $2.83 per month for the 3.0mbps/768kbps plan. At the same time they eliminated that charge they added the Supplier Surcharge of $2.70 per month. After the outcry against this newest charge, they decided to roll back this Supplier Surcharge. So now naked DSL from Verizon costs exactly $34.95 and not a penny more. I hear that Cavalier has naked DSL in areas where they have their IPTV but charge $40.00 compared to $25 for standard DSL. However, as I mentioned above, since I am spoiled by speed, I will stick with Comcast highest speed tier for now (I dropped my naked DSL). But for those who can settle for 3mbps down (with a nice 768kbps up), (and if you are close enough to the CO to actually get nearly those speeds, dry-loop DSL (naked dsl) is a good option at least in this area.