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Fatal Vector


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Re: above

Obviously, they are charging the same for naked DSL because they dont want large adoptation of it during the period they have to to offer it. When the time comes where they dont have to offer it any more, they will just cut off whoever has it by saying it has been a failure and stop offering it.

This is traditional classic Ma Bell at her worst. Some people here are allways blathering how there is comprtition and things have changed. Well, it aint so, pilgrim and nothing has changed. As long as Ma owns all the infrastructure and "long lines" (including satellite links), there IS NO COMPETITION and, when she is back together again, she will show you what monopoly means.

And, this time, there will bo no stopping her, or, breaking her up. Ma is wily and learns her lessons well.

Mark my words and I'll be the first to say "I told you so" when it happens. We are about to get it stuck to us from the rear and it wont be long now.

The only way to stop mega corporations like AT&T is for all of us to band together and that isn't hapening any time soon.

United, we profit, divided, we get dicked. Simple as that (even if it is a bit lurid).


Louisville, KY

Re: Post your upgrades/planned upgrades due to BF2

'Ding! Ding! Ding!' - We have ourselves a winner.