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Waterford, CT
reply to nelamvr6

Re: HD Count Down

Was it you, nel, who goes away every time we make some major change?


Plainfield, CT
reply to Jeff G
All of you are lucky.....I just got home from work and tried to get to the new HD channels again. STILL no new channels. I just tried contacting Customer Service for the 10th time today. This time and every time that I've called today I've been on hold forever, and finally gave up. All I want is some answers as to why I'm not getting what I am paying for. I'm not at all happy since Metrocast took over; the customer service has went downhil. I've had problems with my Internet service also since they've "upgraded" it. I'm seriously thinking of going back to satellite.

High-End Headphoniac
New London, CT

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reply to ultatryon
said by ultatryon:

Was it you, nel, who goes away every time we make some major change?
Yeah, but it's not on purpose, you guys don't give me your upgrade schedule in advance.

So odog, you get those guys in NH straightened out?


Waterford, CT

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reply to rkpetros
Unfortunately with the hiccups we had during the transition, and the billing changes, the call volume has increased substantially, and we are plagued with busy signals, and long hold times.

If you want to PM me your account number, or address, I will take a look at your account, and see what we can get going for you.

Evans City, PA
We have about 20 HD channels here in NH and cant complain

Cable Centric Vendor Biased
Atlanta, GA

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reply to Jeff G
I think his boxes just need to be hit, I'm going to do that Monday when I get in... The snowy pic issues I think will need a truck roll. I'm going to see if I can get someone to check outside Monday, hopefully it can be fixed from there.


Plainfield, CT
reply to Jeff G
Finally, after a week and about 30 phone calls, I got a hold of Customer Service. After a rude encounter with one person, I actually got a hold of a person who was pleasant; however, they still could not get my new HD channels working. They sent out a technician today. I thought all was great until I found that they've messed up my entire Home Theater System, which I recently just spent many days setting up. The digital output was disconnected for one thing. Now I just went to watch some shows that I recorded earlier on my DVD recorder, and found that they've disconnected the cable input to the recorder, so now I've recorded snow(and thus missed all of my shows). Also, now my internet connection is losing signal off and on all night. So now I can say that the customer service isn't the only thing that sucks at Metrocast. I can now get the new HD Channels, but they've messed up the rest of my system and my internet service is useless. The sooner I can get away from Metrocast and go back to DirecTV the better. I bet that if I didn't pay my bill they would remember how to disconnect my service! I've literally spent HOURS over the last 9 days trying to get this issue resolved, and now they've created an even bigger problem.


As for your experience with the answering service, I do apologize for their tone, but they are just that, an answering service. They are not knowledgeable or authorized to release information, they are there to simply take calls, and forward them to the appropriate person.

And for your internet, I do not see the failure you are describing, as I stated in my reply to your review, your signal as of right now (about 12, midnight on Wednesday/Thursday), you are online and rocking an absolutely textbook signal.

We absolutely want to get this working for you to your satisfaction, and I am not sure if you realized, but Odog and myself, both work for MetroCast, and we are trying to get this rolling for you.

I Went To The Dark Side?

Brierfield, AL

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reply to odog
said by odog:

They were working when I got home from NH last night at 11:)
you were up here??

booo!!! guess i missed ya, haha.

So this musta been the change I heard marty talking about?

Did you guys get Cinemax HD up and running? Hopefully you did in time for that Star Wars Marathon