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Peoria, IL
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My favorite quote

"Despite Bode’s claims, there’s no real inconsistency here. And the fact that a current area may not be a profitable market for broadband provision does not mean that it will not be so in the future...but cities and municipalities wiring themselves and providing internet service on their own removes the possibility that these communities will ever be serviced by the market."

This is my favorite quote. Plenty of little towns here in the sticks still have co-op telephone and electric service, and the megacorps have no interest in competing with them for a few relatively low-margin customers. These providers are actually beacons of innovation, and provide these services at extremely competitive rates. I guess we should be lamenting the fact that there will never be 'market service' out here. My point is that most of these co-ops were started under government initiatives like the REA, and there is no reason that similar programs shouldn't exist to 'wire' poor or under-served areas with broadband Internet access. Getting a nationwide policy like the REA passed is totally infeasible, so why shouldn't municipalities take on these projects themselves?

P.S. it's the Acton institute, as opposed to Action Institute!


Chicago, IL

Many of those customer-owned telephone co-ops are doing quite well, and provide competitive broadband (and even cable TV) service to their market areas, which tend to be really out in the sticks as opposed to some sprawling fungus of suburban McMansions filled with whiny spoiled brats out on the edge of an urbanized area.