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New London, CT

Why do you think...

Not that I'm complaining, but you've got to figure that Comcast courted Eastern in attempt to buy them out, yet Eastern went with Metrocast.

I assume it couldn't have been about just money, as I'm sure Comcast could pony up as much as anybody (if they were willing), so why Metrocast instead of Comcast? Again, not complaining, just wondering.


Waterford, CT
I cant speak authoritatively, but I like to think that it had something to do with the "family" atmosphere that MetroCast has (which is similar to what we had with Eastern), versus the faceless corporation of Comcast.

Not much has really changed in the day to day operations around here, where if comcast moved in, likely, none of us would still be here, this system would have been absorbed into the collective unconscious that is Comcast. Calls routed to New Haven or wherever, and their existing technicians and contractors taking over.

I think, of all the possibilities, this was the best possible outcome for the customers, and the employees. You get the same friendly faces, and upgraded services.. A Win-Win for everyone. (disregarding the obligatory transition hiccups that would have happened either way)