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Plainfield, CT

email probs

my mail keeps hanging around the 65th message downloaded,and any mail recieved before this point does not get deleted from the server.I would believe I need a reset!
Addy is fishinglisound@....


There is a message in your email box that uses a non-standard character-set, and your Outlook does not understand how to process it correctly. With the rash of botnet spam that has been circulating around for the last 2 months, these messages have substantially increased in frequency.

There are a few ways to get around it.

The first way (and the way I recommend), is to log into »mail.ct.metrocast.net with your email address and password, and remove any messages you dont need (read: spam). 99 times out of 100, that will fix it. For the other time, it is one of the messages that is deemed "important", start deleting more messages, or make copies (eg: print them) before deleting them.

We can also empty your mailbox for you,if you are not expecting anything important, this is often the fastest and easiest way to rectify the problem.


Pomfret Center, CT
reply to fishinglisou
I know this will not be a good solution for everyone but it is what I did. My teenager's account was all ways getting "stuck" like this. For what ever reason metrocast servers would not allow her to get the email with 27 photo's of cute kittens in the html her friends sent her all the time. I tried Outlook and Thunderbird and could not get any mail short of using webmail to clear the log jam. In my case I have a domain and forwarded her mail to the metrocat account as I only get one popmail with the domain.

So I set up a Gmail account and have Outlook check it and changed the address on the forward and she gets her mail now no problem, Does not even know she has a gmail account.

This approach also saves the hassle of changing email address if you change ISP's or they change on you which this company has done twice! My bank is still ahead of them in the name change game but they are tied with the phone company.