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East Lyme, CT

new computer.........need advice

I have a 4 port router.
If I plug my old and new machine into the router will my new machine be able to see the old one so I can transfer data files ? If so, does the machine just appear as a device under "My Computer?"

Will everyone on metrocast be able to see shared folders or is that just local?

Any advice/words of wisdom helpful.


I Went To The Dark Side?

Brierfield, AL
'Will everyone on metrocast be able to see shared folders or is that just local?'

No, that is blocked. You dont have to worry about that.

If you have microsoft networking turned on both machines, and set up a share, and they are in the same workgroup, you should be able to go under my network places and see the computers.


Pomfret Center, CT
reply to mangurian
No one will be able to see your files as the routers Network address translation or NAT acts a natural firewall. Think of it as a valve it lets things out but only lets things in you asked for. So no one at MetroCAst or the world will be able to see inside your network.

Now to get you sharing files. First both computers have to be on the same workgroup. If you have XP Home and not mucked with anything they should be in the workgroup Mshome. Also both computers need to have a name that is NOT the same, again unless you changed something they should have some oddball name that the OEM gave them when it was setup.

Next you need to share something. I like to share my well shared documents folder it is the catch all folder you see in my computer right click it and go to sharing follow the steps there. I say just share it not use the wizard. You can allow network users to change files if you like.

One other thing it helps if you have an account on both computers that is the same name and password.

Then go in to my computer find My network places and then click the plus sign then entire network then microsoft networks then workgroups then you should see the other computer and click on it.

So dump the file you want to transfer from computer a in to its shared folder then go to computer b find computer a and drag the files to where you want them to go on computer b.

You can share printers as well. Once you find the new computer double click the shared computer from A while looking at it from b and b will install the printer and it will be available as a printer computer A has to be on for b to print but does not have to be logged in.

If this does not work there is all kinds of black arts that involve pinging and other rituals that I will not go in to right now but let me know if you run in to anything else.

One last thing software Firewalls is the number one reason sharing does not work so turn them off if you run in to trouble. Also windows has a firewall and you can tell it to allow sharing. Once you get the network running turn the firewall on but allow sharing.


East Lyme, CT

thanks- you guys are great Re: new computer..

delivery is tomorrow.........I can't wait to try Photoshop.