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Stroudsburg, PA

ProLog Wireless

I didn't see anything in this forum so I don't know if anyone reads this or not. But I was wondering if anyone here knows about the prolog wireless service. What modem do they give out, is it the standard Linksys gateway, or do they use something else? How is tech support for the wireless? That is really the only reason someone would pay extra for something like this anyway instead of using your own router. If anyone has any info on this let the rest of us know.


Prolog has a wireless service? That's funny. I seem to recall they ran a full page ad (Northeast PA Business Journal I think) five or six years ago about how wireless was insecure and in general a bad thing. This was when there were a couple wireless competitors cropping up in the area.


Stroudsburg, PA
I have a feeling its crap anyway ... the only thing I was really interested in is I know some ISP's wont let you hook up a gateway so I can have the modem/router in one instead of seperate ones. If that was the case I might have paid for it if they wouldn't let me provision my own, but I gave them a call and they provisioned the linksys gateway for me and havnt had any problems. Nice to know someone actually checked this forum