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Wyckoff, NJ

[northeast] I'm tired of Verizon FIOS BS!

I've been trying to get fios business service for my house, because I need a static IP. Verizon told me I can't get it, because my copper line is installed under ground and they would have to dig it out before installing fiber. I gave them written permission to leave the cable in place, but they still refuse to install it. My neighbour already got it few months ago, and I'm still left with dsl and optonline. Each time I talk to them they promise me to call back, but no one has ever done it. I already cancelled all verizon services (phone, cell), but that didn't stop them from ignoring me.


Crownsville, MD
That's total BS. They happily retired in place my buried drop wire when they installed my underground fiber drop.

Great Neck, NY
reply to chopperp1
If your neighbor has it, then you should be able to get it. They would bury a new fiber line to your house. Is your neighbor's service underground as well? Seems like you need to speak to a Supervisor or some local Verizon person, since the FSC seems to be giving you the run around.


Danvers, MA
reply to chopperp1
find a tech working in the area on fios and ask for hi supervisors telephone number. the local area manager can usually take care of alot more than just the business office.


Merrick, NY

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reply to UofMiamiGrad
That may be a blessing if you were ever considering the TV service. I have business FIOS in my house. and the 2 divisions can't communicate. I had them leave my copper phone line, and just do the business 20/5 with 5 static IP'S. It works great. But I have been trying to get a TV install for 3 months. It always gets canceled even though engineering has approved a second ONT. The last two times someone wrote a trouble ticket to fix it they ended up disconnecting my phone service. I get the feeling if you ever have a problem they may put you out of business.
Everytime I see the verizon commercial "CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW" I want to throw up.


Tampa, FL
They changed their dual ONT policy at least three times since I had my first FIOS install (according to a FSC NT).

My first house has two ONT's so that I can have static IP and TV.
My second house down the road, I tried to get the same setup this summer and they wouldn't budge. In order to get TV I had to convert to res. data.

I guess the next equipment upgrade will resolve the issue (don't ask me which equipment, I can't recall what the tech said)

Colorado Springs, CO
reply to rhard49
Verizon != Verizon Wireless

Buckingham Pa
Buckingham, PA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to MrTorben
said by MrTorben:

They changed their dual ONT policy at least three times since I had my first FIOS install (according to a FSC NT).
A co-worker of mine in NH just got 2 ONTs installed two weeks ago on the same day. One for business Internet and one for personal Internet. It's interesting about the inconsistency on this "out there"....

(I'll be very pleased to get even one ONT... )


Merrick, NY

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They really do suck. After screwing around for 2 months. Verizon suggested I should cancel my busines FIOS Service call and have residential TV service installed and then I could get residential FIOS for a small installation Fee.