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Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA

End of Decade?

All this talk of 2010-2015, it's like people think Comcast/MSOs are going to do nothing for the next 3-9 years and let Verizon actually gain ground. LMAO!

Comcast has been deploying fiber for years, albeit just to the CMTS/headends, but it's there! LOTS of it! A shitload of it!

Seeing as Comcast is serving all 9+ million customers via this fiber while only using white light on that fiber, and even that isn't really being taxed to it's potential... imagine if Comcast decided to start pushing other spectrums of light across all that fiber.

Of course, there will need to be some serious HW upgrades for cable to be able to push insane speeds(either direction), but by 2010? 2015? C'mon!

Just so you all know, Comcast has HFC right in front of my house - LIVE fiber! None of that dark stuff.
For Comcast to hit me with actual FTTH, it wouldn't take a hell of alot of work.

Verizon better start kicking some ass or the investors, no matter how short sighted they may be, will walk!

Even though I personally don't like Verizon, that would be a shame.
Credit where credit is due - at least they are trying!

AT&T? OMG! They're just pathetic! 6mbps max... *if* you are lucky enough to be within range?
Think outside the Fox... Opera