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Wakefield, MA
·Verizon FiOS

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reply to deadzoned

Re: This is complete and utter BS

The reason it won't lead to a cash windfall is because we keep outsourcing our country for cheaper prices and a quick buck.

Here is the sad state of affairs, we can't graduate enough technical people, we can't because we outsourced every minor tech job to another country in hopes of picking up quick cash, no one gives a rats ass about the future any more its all for today, and that is not going to change until a disaster, whether it be natural or man made , makes people realize that money is not what life is about. People now a days are afraid of hard work.

This land was built on the hard work of all of our forefathers, whether they were immigrants or not makes no matter, it was hard work that made this country great and it is slackers that will tear it down.

Here is where it shows. Kids today I would say since 1981 or there abouts age group, are so short sighted that they can't see the forest for the trees. They all want to either work for $50 an hour sitting on their ass or they don't want to work at all and let mommy and daddy pay for it all. The ones that do want to work, are small and have 2 parts. One side works to better their life and feel good about themselves after a hard days work. The others work only so they can live to go out and party today.

Its a major problem. They are running up debt at record rates. Their parents are also running up debt at record rates.

I see it every day. I was laid off but had the foresight to build a nest egg while I was working (anyone married will know never let the wife see that account or it gets spent to high hell) wife spent up most of it buying presents for people I don't even know. She's only 23 and she some how relates this to living this great life style.

How when it's my hard work that got this so every one else can blow it on me ? Hate to say it but that is what most of Americas youth is doing. Then leaning on daddy or mommy to pay it up after they screw up. And this is what is coming into power in this country in large numbers.

Look at who we owe debt to. Countries that are taking the small interest over longer periods of time. Knowing full well that we are destroying ourselves by trying to get stuff cheaper.

Let's face it does a welder in the midwest need to make $50 an hour when the houses around him cost 90 to 150 k ? Does he need to drive that $60 k escalade ? Every one wants to live like a rockstar and don't realize it takes more then those to make the world go round.

Don't get me wrong I am all for shooting for the moon when you do things, but geez if your not hitting the damn moon live with in your means.

By the way the reason they don't care about the state of the "broadband union" is because their investors want ROI the biggest they can get so they can buy the $10 k dress for their 19 year old wife when they are 60. It's a never ending cycle of greed and every day we dig ourselves deeper and deeper.

Its plainly evident by the console scalpers , the ticket scalpers , and every other form of quick bucking we have come to know and use. People are doing it with real estate and cars , now add consoles and other items that people cause hype over.

Really is a sad state of affairs when you sit and realize that we are bankrupting our own country and damaging it's future for our kids all because we want to live the easiest life. Kind of sickening when you actually look at it happening and realize not much can change that fate.

We call ourselves civilized and other nations 3rd world countries because they don't have the luxuries we have, are we really civilized compared to that tribe in Africa ? I mean really we fight or shoot and kill over a console while those people live and die without so much as seeing tv or a computer. Who are we to judge what is and is not civil.

/me gets off his soap box , picks it up and throws it in the dumpster
"It's always funny until someone gets hurt......and then it's absolutely friggin' hysterical!"


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Good post.

Tallahassee, FL
reply to BosstonesOwn
Bankrupting our own country ? This has been going on for the past ~100 years, only under changing guises , and it will continue. Fight and shoot over a console - what about fighting and killing over alcohol during prohibition ? We're certainly not committing genocide like all those civil people over in Africa are either.

I think I even heard Ward Cleaver saying this same stuff about "these kids nowadays" on more than a few episodes of Leave it to Beaver ... and that was about 50 years ago.
I'm certifiable, not certified.
It means my answers are from experience, not a book.


Wakefield, MA
·Verizon FiOS
Yeah bankrupting our own country ! we did it with the manufacturing industry and look what happened , it dragged us down for quite some time. We outsource or lowest it jobs to other countries. Meanwhile we then complain we can't get good service.

Killing over alcohol was completely different at the time it was illegal just like drugs are at this point. That point is moot now try again.

Define civil ? and look at what you use as a definition. They commit genocide much like we did to indians over the years. So who are we to call any one civilized ? Don't believe everything your told.

yeah but those kids were not complete wastes of space. They at least went out and did things when bored.

Now we have a major problem with obesity among our children to I know that was a major problem back then.

The point is we farm out our work for a quick buck that didn't happen until this century.
"It's always funny until someone gets hurt......and then it's absolutely friggin' hysterical!"