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San Mateo, CA

Contact number for Credits & Collections?

I have a charge on one of my credit cards for 215$ and Comcast customer support is unable to find any information about the charge.

They suggested I fax the information to a certain number and wait for them to contact me. Does anyone have a direct number for Credit & Collections? I do not have easy access to a fax machine and even if I did all the information I have is from the discover website.


San Mateo, CA
I called the regular 1800-Comcast number and had them check my current account number and the previous account number from a couple years ago and neither showed relation to this charge.

What type of charges does Comcast normally apply to credit cards? Can you pay your monthly bill with a CC or is it only for deposits on hardware?

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It's going to vary system by system.

To be honest, if they can't tell you over the phone what it is, and you have an unexplained charge on your account, I would call up your bank, dispute it with a Regulation E dispute. When comcast gets the charg-eback, you will MOST CERTAINLY get a call from the proper department. If they charged your account and you have active service with them, the charge should have been placed on your active account. (This is unless you have an old closed account and there's something there, which I doubt)
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Beverly Hills, CA

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Anyways... Just do what they suggested or go to a local office and try your luck there.


San Mateo, CA
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Fiberguy: The charge was through Discover and not through the bank. Isnt regulation E specifically for debit cards? I will follow your advice anyways and dispute the charge through the credit company.

I do have two account numbers, one for the new address and one for the old address in a different city and neither of those show the charge.

Ill print the info from the bank and try my local office. If they are unable to do it I will ask them to fax the paper for me doesnt hurt to ask!