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Rockville, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to cbrain

Re: Why now?

said by cbrain:

... but I wonder about the timing of addressing this problem as the telcos want to enter the market.
no need to wonder - Martin works for the telcos, not the consumer. I also think Martin is getting desperate that there be some glimmer of competition, whether it's real or not.

The bi-monthly or so "BPL is GREAT" press release doesn't seem to be working.

Just asserting that competition exists usually works with the gullible congress and gullible press, but the annual cable rate increases sort of reveal these assertions for the lies they are.

That leaves "unleashing" the telcos to offer TV service without requiring local franchises. This will work until the rules get passed and it becomes obvious that duopoly competition is only marginally better than no competition.