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Stow, MA
reply to BosstonesOwn

Re: Step in the right direction.

said by BosstonesOwn:

Id like to see national franchises but with good restrictions. And this goes for satellite providers as well.

- All promotions must be nation wide.
- All prices must be nation wide.
- All upgrades must also be done nation wide in a reasonable time line based upon an experts opinion on how long they should take and hard numbers.
- A standard $2 each month to your local government. ( Your city and state share this ! )
- carry local access channels ( even if low quality just send at least 2 of these so people can see their snow emergency plans and such for their city. obviously satellite providers don't need to do this. but it would be nice. or cycle them in with locals for the area. One channel carries 12 cities. Something like that pack em in make them useful instead of just constantly scrolling content and crappy pictures of the city )
- Provide discounted rates for the "triple play" to local schools and educational institutes. ( even the big carrier class links )
- Cap on the % they can raise rates every year.

Can I have some of the stuff your smoking? It will never happen..


Wakefield, MA
Never said it will but that is what I would consider fair.