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Indianapolis, IN



Most ISP's won't let you sent email that is larger than 10Meg. Some cap it at 1.5Meg. Why in the world would you need to send something bigger than that and therefore need the upload speed?

The larger ISP's just don't give a damn what their customers want; take what they give you and be glad you could get it.

I think of the aDSL options i know of and the fastest upload speed is 768K. 6Meg down.

sDSL? hmmmm

Cable considers itself entertainment and you're lucky to have email.

Bandwidth is driving the economy now; more, faster, NOW!

Online backup is trying to start-up, but can you realistically see trying to backup about 80 gigs of data with an upload speed of 256k??

Online video conferencing on top of your computers normal network load?

Yes, we here are biased on this subject. "Joe" user is starting to care about this as more and more of his media devices turn to digital (if not all by now). "Josephine" wants her data where she wants it and the ability to change her mind as she wants. Today it's here, tomorrow it's there, but I still want it accessible.

We need synchronus communication.


Portland, OR

If you can get they offer 5 meg up


Portland, OR
reply to Indymike

If you can get fios , they offer 5meg upload

as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ

5megs upload on fibre is just pathetic. all VZ is doing is protecting their lucrative business packages where they rape the biz customer
You can never be too rich, too thin or have too much Bandwidth


Indianapolis, IN
reply to napilus

T'ain't offered here.

And i'm not in the sticks either.

Oh, btw, i am "too far" from the CO to get more than i have. Don't tell me to move, my dad built this house in 1964 and there is no earthly reason that this neighborhood doesn't have FIOS or better. For cryin' out loud, the CO is 1.7 miles from here, and that's following the lines!

I guess i could get a T3 for around 750/month, but i like to eat.