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P2p Shouldn't Be A Crime

Bakersfield, CA

providing upstream shouldn't be a bad thing

The internet is after all a network, and it shouldn't matter which direction the data flows, we should be given decent bandwidth in both downstream and upstream directions. I've never understood why most every last ISP in North America gives us plenty of downstream bandwidth, yet they barely give us a drip of upstream. I realize the existing home internet connection technologies were designed back when you didn't do much with your connection, but even still existing technology, especially cable is capable of much more upstream than what is being offered. I for example have a 10/1 plan, I got it mainly for the 1mb upstream. why can't we have say a 1500/1500kbps cable package or 3000/3000 or some such thing for users wanting decent upload? And what's with provider's like Time Warner doubling their download but not increasing their upload at all? It's not like it can't be done. Heck I live just two blocks from the university of California at Riverside and they've got I believe an OC-192 internet connection! If I were using the internet from that line, it'd be the same internet I'm using from here. I've heard that Docsis 1.1 can do 38mbps downstream and 10mbps upstream, but if this is true, why is it that only optimum online is willing to show off even a portion of that upstream? The 10/1 speeds we're starting to see now were offered by cable vision 3 or 4 years ago! So to all the internet providers out there, we love our downstream, we have plenty of it, now stop being afraid to provide upload and let's see what the various technologies are capable of both downstream and upstream!


Newbury Park, CA

So your saying its not technical? Is this true? I totally agree, but if its not technically possible...we're talking a whole other burden to leap through before evening out the speeds. If these guys are skimping that much and its available.....well