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Brooklyn, NY
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wireless the last few feet?

For the most part, satellite providers avoid local franchise fees as they are a national provider.. but were forced into local channel scheme kicking and screaming with "must carry" for distant networks. Now they changed the game and said "NO" to thousands of consumers by making the distant networks stricter. No franchise system makes cable rates cheaper.. in my opinion, it ADDS to the already sky-high rates.. and yearly increases are a fact of life. High cable-tv bills are the last thing people should be worried about in the BIG picture.. have you gone to the GAS STATION sometime this year?
If cable companies did that to customers, they really wouldn't have any to speak of.. or they'd pirate the crap out it(more than they do now), after all, it is "content" which is digital... Rriiight?

Besides, do you really need 12 news channels (24/7/365)? Or an internet broadcast blog 'pod cast every hour or so.. No, but your forced to buy it ALL or nothing primarily!