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Need for Speed
Winterville, NC

Mstar on Utopia

They offer 15/15 for $39.95 a month, so don't talk to me about how expensive it is for ISPs to provide the bandwidth.

I pay around $55 for 5000/768 and frankly 768 is pitiful.

I made a 3.5 min video the other day, while I was playing WoW, and was thinking I was going to send it to some friends. That video was 2.5 gigs. Even after I converted it to xvid, which by the way, really looked like crap compared to the original, it was still around 70 megs.

If I was on the 15/15 plan, I wouldn't think twice about sending out the full sized video.

I wish we all had fiber. We should ALL have fiber.

What the hell is wrong with this country.
Give me bandwidth or give me death!


Scarborough, ON
Just look north of buffalo. I'm talking about canada, communist canada. We have no newsgroups no email speed throttling down to one third of dial up speed caps sometimes as low as one gigabyte a month and $7.95 a gigabyte charge on every month's bill. Add to this that we pay double or triple what americans pay and america starts to look good once again.


Hamilton, ON
It sounds like you got the short end of the stick up in T.O.

not that I use them but we have newsgroups, no email throttling (who throttles email?), and I have don't even know of an ISP with a 1 gig cap (dial-up? who would want to?) and as far as I'm concerned $39.95CND for a 10Mb/650Kb connection isn't out of line with the price my few American friends pay.

the only thing I notice even though my ISP will deny it is torrent throttling

sounds like you need to look into switching ISPs
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