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Winter Park, FL
reply to Indymike

Re: Head in the arse....

said by Indymike:

Why do I need the upload speed? Hmmm ... lemme think.

1) I'd like to send my quicken data to my personal accountant to have him do my taxes.

2) I'd like to upload my photos and videos (my camera does both) to my personal web-site so i don't have to email them to everybody.

3) I'd like to use one of the on-line backup companies to backup my system (80Gb currently).

4) I'd like to video conference with my relatives (spread out all over the world as they travel a lot).

5) I'd like to upload my pod-casts (yep, we make'em) to the appropriate servers.

6) I'd like to tag Google-Earth sites with my photo's and videos.

It's not that I can't do these things at all, but that they take so darn long to finish. Waiting an hour to upload a 10 minute pod-cast is ridiculous.

I guess my last point would be this; how in the world can you say no one wants upload speeds when they aren't offered at all? Offer them and THEN tell me no one wanted it!

BTW, trying to use cable for ANY business reason is a sure fire recipe for disaster. Between invisible caps, erratic performance, and lousy tech support, you can't get anything done.
WOW! Your ISP really sucks bad if you don't have enough upload to do 1 thru 4 quick enough. About # 2, considering if you e-mailed it, and it went thru (under 10 megs) you should be able to host it as a link to your own page, and at 384k, it will d/l in about 3 or 4 minutes, or if you upload it to a filelocker, they (family) can d/l it in less than 1 minute.

80Gig on a online backup is not a "requirement" for a residential user, as you can also burn CD's. Backing up something that large, unless your upload is a gig a sec, is never going to be easy or quick.

I'm glad you make podcast, judging they are finally starting to rise again in distribution. Nobody cared about them for the longest. Since you make them, perhaps you can upload them to YouTube so everyone can download it at a decent speed. I hope your podcast do not contain any copyright material, because if so, you're not showing a "valid" reason for upload increase. Excluding ILLEGAL activities, I can't see a reason NOT to deal with the current upload speeds.

Tagging Google-Earth sites with photo's and videos doesn't seem like it should take that long. I imagine you're on DSL, or a wireless provider, as you don't seem too fond of cable, and currently cable and fiber are the only 2 out there with the best upload speed for the $.

A 10 minute podcast should only take you about 10 minutes, unless you decide you want to record a high resolution picture on a low resolution I-Pod. Depending on your market, faster upload speeds are available. I have 384 or 768k upload speeds available to me thru Comcast. I really hardly use the upload. It's nice to have, but I recently removed it because I didn't need the speed as much as I felt I needed the $10 difference in billing. When you benefit once a week from it, it's nothing to remove it.

Cable internet for business works great, I'm thinking Cable has made you pissed about something, and you feel that it's an incompetent method of internet. I can assure you, being able to run a chatline with 40 callers on the line @ 768k with virtually no jitter is an amazing feat. I doubt the 60ms ping times I was maintaining during that load would be possible without QoS'ing my modem. The node I did this in has 312 modems on the same node. The difference, my UBR/BSR card is different than the other 312 modems, so I don't "share" that pipe with everyone. I have called for tech support, and they walked me right thru the Cisco UBR900 commercial modem setup. Caps haven't ever (that I know of) been brought to BBR by a commercial customer, all are residential people. And again, erratic performance has never been an issue, and I have a very busy node I am using, so lots of competition for bandwidth, but somehow I always get at least 90% of the max, which is all you really can EXPECT someone to hold true to. I don't know how many logged speed tests I have, but you are welcome to look.

Just keep wishing, you're now offically noted as one of the 20% - 30% who feels that everyone should pay for your speed increase, when they don't want it. I hope that podcast collection works out for ya.
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