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Falls Church, VA
reply to phattieg

Re: They're right

said by phattieg:

YouTube might be a "nascent phenomenon", but considering that the site REQUIRES VIDEO FEEDS TO PERPETUATE IT'S CONTENT, I doubt that it really matters. It's a numbers game. This site isn't new, or a "phenomenon" (sorry Justin ). The rate of increase doesn't matter. 65000 of 100000000 is only a very small fraction of the overall downloads. The honest truth is you are getting a fast connection, considering most people on AVERAGE, don't have much to send, other than pictures, or text.
Of course it matters! As you state, YouTube and similar sites REQUIRE VIDEO FEEDS TO PERPETUATE ... CONTENT. How does the content get there? Via upload. The upload numbers may be insignificant compared to download now, but will they continue to be? I think they will grow over time, and that upload speeds will become more important as the need increases.
said by phattieg:

Everyone is entitled to "THEIR OPINION", but when you vote for your president, do you do it by opinion, or by voting ballot? The reason I ask is this, when the cable or telco does something that the public really hates, the FCC or Government is called in, and issues fines if it's not fixed. So far, all these business deals are going thru, and the FCC hasn't said one thing about the internet being too slow on the upload side either.

Honestly, I don't thing upload will ever be as important to the masses. I expect the current speeds to keep gradually increasing, but I don't think I'll see symetrical speeds, or even half of my download speed, anytime soon, if ever.
You may be entirely correct, and I may be entirely wrong. Time will tell. I don't think that the fact that the FCC has yet to be called on to increase speeds is an indicator of anything at this early stage.
said by phattieg:

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: With all the upload being added, how bad do you think the internet will crawl when the next big worm hits?
Non-sequiter. The fact that an Internet worm may or may not propagate is no reason to limit upload speeds. If it were, then the solution would be to do away with the Internet altogether. I do not see that happening any time soon, do you?
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