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Need help finding a provider....

I think I may have finally gotten somewhere with my phone company. I am going to call them tomorrow and get more details, but so far I have gotten a $59 a month out of them. Now I need a provider. Does anybody have any recommendations?

My first digits are 254-259
The servers that my dial-up best performs on are the ones in Cross Plains, TX.
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I checked out neandertech, but that is not looking to good either.

Conversation with neandertech:

I am looking for a provider for ISDN. For ISDN does it cost any more than dial-up or do they both use the same pricing? Do you have a limited amount of hours a month? Can I connect with multilink(128k). The server of yours that I would most likely use is the one you have in Cross Plains, TX. Also I do realize that I will haft to get a digital line.

We currently do not offer 128k, only 64k. If you know how to bundle it yourself, you could use 2 64k connections. Same price as for our dialup.You will need an ISDN phone line from your phone line and an ISDN modem.

So a modem that supports 128k multi-link would only connect at 64k? Are you saying that I would haft to have 2 different modems or am I just responsible for getting a modem that will connect in multi-link?

We never got anyone to send us set-up info. But it is possible with two regular modems and "software" to bundle two 56k/64k connections into one 112/128k connection. Unfortunately we don't know how. We just know we had customers do it.

The 128k connections we used to offer had that bundled on our side (server) and the customer only needed a 2 channel ISDN modem. Due to technical reasons we are currently not able to offer that, but might be able to offer it again in the summer.
Wildblue Pro Pack / Beam 40 / Laredo NOC / Windows MCE SP2

Leander, TX

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reply to Sircolby45

I think you will be OK with them if they allow you to log on twice. Your modem should handle the rest.

Pricing on your ISDN line sounds good!

[edit] "User agrees to maintain no more than one (1) concurrent online session for each PPP/ISDN account purchased."

According to the TOS you can only connect once. My experience with the multilink is that most all of today's telco equipment automatically will bond the ISDN channels. The only sure way is to try it.