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Runs from Clowns

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Re: Comcast abuse phone call.

Just a reminder to all, from the last locked topic on this subject: »Re: Comcast usage "Abuse"?

Some links for you:

»Comcast High Speed Internet FAQ »Does Comcast have bandwidth use limits?

I think most would find this more interesting if that said is something which hasn't been said before.
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Portland, OR

I fully support Comcast in this. Why should I have to suffer with slower speeds when other people are abusing the system? I do tons of stuff with my comcast connection besides just surfing the web and I come NO WHERE near 300 GB...

If you want to stream HD movies and download everything you can imagine, fork over the money and get a dedicated T1 line or something similar which doesnt affect other people.


Elk Grove, CA

I would love to be able to fork over the money for my own dedicated "T1 line or something similar," but until the prices come down from $400/mo for ONE T1, it's not going to happen. I stream high quality video for probably 6-8 hours a day from both own-age.com and from gwchannel.tv. Easy 160GB per month, more if I have more free time. I also download TV shows, not the DVD rips of them, but the HD rips you can get via TIVO and other DVR services. That can add up to another 100GB/mo. Plus, everyone's favorite item to beat on, (no pun intended), porn. Old stuff gets stale, new stuff is fun, 20-100GB/mo. I watch my torrents and usually, during the 5pm-10pm timeframe, they are limited a bit, at least on the upload. I seriously doubt that my measly 8Mbps connection here will stress the node. Back to my point though, to get the same speed, or something similar, I'd be looking at a minimum of almost $1000/mo for renting the line and the bandwidth, so no, I'm not going to go get a T1 run to my house because you feel you have slower net for a couple hours a day with no real proof.


Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA

Are you doing this on a Comcast(or any other residential service for that matter)?

This is not what a residential service is intended for.
At ~$50 per month, what exactly do people expect?

None of this capability stuff either!
Comcast is selling speed, not volume.

Did *we* read our TOS/AUP?
Sure doesn't sound like it...
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