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Status - Tired
South Texas

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Re: [FP] FYI: The purchase of the two Core 2 Duo blades

$1173.96 + shipping Total

$586.98 + shipping each

A substantial investment for the FP. Thoughts on enclosing these in cases?

The deals from Frys can save money, but you lose in quality what you gain in savings. Thoughts?

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Im not sure

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The package that appears in usa2k See Profile's post is the package that was discussed in the board thread that lead up to the membership vote.

The only additional item is the power supply, at real cost.

»[FP] Board Only Thread re: The Purchase of Two New Blades

The membership vote closed on January 3, 2007.

»[FP] All Members: Result of Vote for New Equipment

That vote was the result of a number of threads debating and re-debating the good, the bad, and the ugly of buying/not buying new hardware.

Basically, at this point, the BOD will be purchasing two new blades, with the above configuration. Respectfully, I believe that the time for debate is pretty well ended.

Unless someone has a reason to believe that there is a flaw in any of the chosen hardware, it would seem sensible to move forward, as we could debate configuration particulars forever, and go nowhere.
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Status - Tired
South Texas
Sorry, my bad. I thought that was a question, not a statement.

I saw Wish list de···ails.pdf, and just assumed that it was a discussion thread. Didn't interpret anything as being definitely what was going to be ordered.

I think the selections are quite suitable, so no argument from me there.

Cases, OTOH, might be a good idea considering the investment. But that depends if the OP has the room for a case, and could always be added at a later date.

Again, I apologize for misunderstanding.

moving soon

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Sorry if the NewEgg.com tool name sounded like a question.
This should be the final assembly.