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reply to vircotto

Re: Acer puts Active X hole on laptops

Getting back to the original topic for a moment, this does *NOT* appear to be a typo.

I have a fairly new Acer laptop myself (unfortunately, I don't have it here at home at the moment...but plan to check as soon as I can).

However, while I'm familiar with the harmless Acer Launch Manager utility, a google search brings up a fair amount of info concerning this "Lunch"App active-x control.

It's funny, even Google wants to correct me when I search specifically for this LunchApp.ocx to be sure I didn't mean "Launchapp.ocx".

As you can see, there seems to be a lot of fuss about this "LUNCH"

Or here's a search for LunchApp.APlunch

Acer Laptop users can probably "search all files and Folders" for the actual LunchApp.ocx and see if it resides somewhere.....something I'll do when I can.

In the mean time, I think I'll read a little bit more about this.

(Edit) Well,I see a lot of these links point back to "Tan Chew Keong's" findings, but I still think this thing exists and may be a problem for some.
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Yes..glad you came to the same conclusion. There is a Launch thingie called O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [LaunchApp] Alaunch
Many people have posted hijackthis logs who have ACER PORTABLE with this running..so this is a fact.

What appears to be not correct is the presence of any LunchApp.

So I suggest anyone that finds such an entry of LunchApp.APlunch ActiveX control that this could be an infection..I doubt is is part of Acer installed software..and the first thing I would do is post a highjackthis log from that machine at this link forum
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and let some experts take a look at it.

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stupid Acer...