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This is a sub-selection from Dear AT&T...

Waterbury, CT
reply to Fatal Vector

Re: Dear AT&T...

lol, you're using some real creative math there.

What you're leaving out of YOUR costs though is YOUR tv costs in addition to your phone and dsl.

And any way you want to shake it, 1.5M dsl simply is no comparison for 20M cable.

The Coyote captured the RR! Roadrunner Rick is now Comcastic!

Fatal Vector


My TV costs are immaterial, since I dont use Comcast HSI. And I was referring to the "bloated cost of TELEPHONE service.

Also, I never said 1.5 Mb DSL was comparable to 20 Mb service. What Iv'e said many times is that my 1.5 serves my needs and is rock stable speed wise. I also said that most consumers dont need such service and 1.5 DSL serves their needs too.

Face it. Only geeks want or "need" 20 Mb Internet service. The rest buy what suits their needs and wallets. It has allways been so in commerce.