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This is a sub-selection from Dear AT&T...

Fatal Vector

reply to Happi

Re: Dear AT&T...

If you bother to ASK next time you call AT&T, and hack your way through the marketing pitch, you will find that a BASIC, NO FRILLS line for unlimited local calling is about $16 and a metered line (usually 40 local calls included) is about $10, before taxes. BOTH of which will qualify you for DSL. It's not rocket science.

A Metered line plus DSL at $13 is $23 before taxes, even less than VOIP.

"15 in taxes!!!?!? That's 50% of your bill added on for taxes and fees. That is EXACTLY what is wrong with the phone company. Taxes and fees on my cable/internet/phone bill are less than 10%."

It's not the phone company. It's the "Fcc access charge", the "911 charge and/or surcharge" Federal tax, state tax, franchise tax, and other taxes. In some places the taxes add up to MORE than the cost of the line itself.

"phone=$16 dsl=$13 u r missing all the line charge bs. the lowest ive seen att dsl is 14.99, lets see a copy of the bill.
what u dont see is the real cost of their dsl cuz they hide it in the pots line charges."

Actually, the bill is quite detailed and all the different services are separated. The DSL is the last promotion for a one year contract they offered. it is $12.95, before taxes.

The line charge is for the POTS line itself for "access to the telephone network" (what a crock of shit.).