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Longview, TX

SBC dial up problem

I've been using normal sbc dial up for the last year on my ISDN line. SBC doesn't think that they support 128k ISDN but they do.

My problem is that I configured my 3com us robotics ISDN ta over 2 years ago and after a fresh format, I can't for the life of me figure out the correct settings again.

The best I can get is a 64k connection, calling SBC is pointless as no one I've spoken with even knows that SBC supports ISDN. I'm sure it's something simple...maybe the type of modem protocol (PPP 64k is the only thing that I can connect with otherwise I get some error message)

In device manager under modems I can go to properties for my ISDN modem, but I don't remember what to set for my SPID/EAZ settings for either line..

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Please ask any further information that is needed and I'll be more than happy to provide it.

Temple, TX
Your dialing number probably got blacklisted......

I called them several times and got it unblocked...but in the end I had to sign up with a local ISP that supported ISDN. (doubled my ISP cost )

Good luck. Make sure you go above the first tier of tech support. Thier TOS (terms of service) specify that you can have more than one conncetion at a time.

Be pleasant, but persistant, on the phone and see if they fix it for you.

Good Luck