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Stoney Creek, ON
reply to Jon_Hanson

Re: WoW for complete MMORPG beginners

What your describing is your PvP flag. That little shield indicates your flagged for PvP, meaning you can be attacked at anytime.

How to turn the flag on:

-Type /pvp in your chat window.
-Attack a flagged member of the opposing faction.
-Cast a beneficial spell on a flagged member of your own faction.
-Enter a battleground (You'll learn of these as you level up)
-On a PvP server, If you are in Contested or the opposition territory, your flag will go on automatically. When you enter a territory, it will tell you on screen what type of territory it is. There's 3 types of territories: Alliance controlled, Horde controlled, and Contested. Horde or Alliance controlled territories are Low level zones, typically level 1-18 or so.

Danville, WV
also if you right click on a PvP in PvE mode you will be fair game too.... can be bad if you just wanna inspect them and you click the wrong button... and they are lvl 58 and you are 24.....