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Further evidence of the agenda...

driving the telcos and it is well in keeping with the previous rhetoric of whitacre that sparked off the net neutrality debate.

What many people here don't understand is that power can allow these "clueless" people to radically transform things. They aren't really clueless, they are engaged in a battle to reverse the trends brought on by the internet. The fact that their vision is reactionary doesn't mean it will fail. People need to remember that.

price competition ... would result in the devolution of IPTV along the lines of CD players, DVD systems, big screen TVs, PCs and more.

...A is for Applications

Core to the evolution of U-verse is the development of applications that build on the delivery of video-driven package to enable new capabilities, commerce and interactive TV – three areas that can help AT&T CONTROL THE CONSUMER ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE. ... WE need to CREATE AN APPLICATIONS ENVIRONMENT ... The telco provided core APIs and its partner wrote an application that became a launch feature of U-verse – Web remote access to the service’s DVR offering. ...The APIs COME FROM US, and we believe that third parties that can write applications for the Internet can write ones for us

ATT doesn't want to be a communications provider. They intend to control the content and applications over their pipes and recreate the vertically integrated services that the internet subverted. This integration and control of applications gives them the power they had with the old intelligent network.

Note the following quotes which make clear that this ISN'T simply about television content. They speak a number of times about the "three screen vision":

"AT&T also realizes that delivering on its three-screen vision (TV, PC and wireless device) is a daunting integration effort ...

And for APPLICATIONS TO REACH THREE SCREENS IN A TRULY INTEGRATED FASHION, they must be accessible across three networks, which most expect can be accomplished using the all-promising, but still nascent, IP multimedia subsystem (IMS). "

Note the three screens, TV, wireless and the PC. The goal is to create network in which they control the apis and applications for all major communications, computing and entertainment appliances. The appliances become little more than access boxes for their integrated control of applications, content and communications infrastructure.

See this wiki entry on the IP multimedia subsystem they make reference to:


I don't see how martin can continue to pretend in the face of ever mounting evidence about the intentions of these companies.
This vision IS NOT THE INTERNET. It is the antithesis of the freedom and empowerment that the internet has delivered.