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Columbus, OH
reply to tmc8080

Re: Just as cingular won't compete with sprint, verizon, tmobile

I have no interest in replacing my cable (essentially broadcast, all standard channels always present) with IPTV (essentially on demand, one stream per channel being viewed). I like being able to add splitters and connect as many tuners as I need without having to have a "set top box" for each channel I wish to simultaneously receive.
Unfortunately, the digital switchover (if it happens) will break this since I only have NTSC tuners. (I really suspect as the analog switch off date draws near, people will wake up and realize that all their bedroom TVs are about to stop working and raise a protest)

The reason splitting up AT&T didn't have the desired effect is that there was no incentive given to CLECs to build out their own infrastructure. If the single infrastructure is to support competition, one company can't own it. The problem is that during the long monopoly period, nobody else was allowed to build a telephony infrastructure, so by the time AT&T was split, there was no practical way to catch up.


Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
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Many potentially BAD things are going to happen to the consumer when companies move to "packet switched video" streams...

1. You will need to purchase/rent set-tops for EACH TV (extra cost)
2. You will need to pay higher fees for cable-tv service (you don't think the switchover is going to be FREE for the consumer do you?)
3. Your broadband and phone service will cost more (rate increases are likely in internet/phone service in the coming years, so be prepared to pay more soon)
4. Proprietary technologies utilized so that the consumer is more beholden to the company they get service from, which could end up in new cablemodem/network terminal or install fees, higher upfront or monthly tack-on fees.
5. Video franchise fees are going to make a "comeback" as the new tax-dejour similar to the "FCC LINE CHARGE" in POTS phone bills.

Forget $100 triple play, in the next 2-3 years, with buildout costs and rate increases it will be more like the $200 or $250 triple play with LESS service *fewer channels*, more proprietary equipment *think cell phone style set-tops and internet interfaces*, and much, much less flexibility than today-- tv outlets is just tip of the iceberg.