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Etobicoke, ON
reply to rcilink

Re: [General] DLink VTA-VR

said by rcilink:

said by jwx213:

On a different subject, has anyone found a way or got any closer to installing PAP2v2 Firmware on the D-Link box as it would make setup so much easier than the D-Link pants firmware?
Yes, it has been done. I will put some of the guidelines here if you dare to take similar steps with your equipment:

You really need to have a serial console cable hooked to the device for this to succeed!

1. Crack open the D-Link VTA-VR and hook up your serial cable to your com port. Remember, it is 3.3v, so use the proper chip (dont just hook it up directly!)

2. On the D-Link VTA-VR, you can simply hit ESC (on the serial console session) when you first boot the device. This will give you the psbl prompt.

3. At this prompt, you will need to delete all flash partitions, except the bootloader (pspboot).

4. Create new partitions, matching the ones found on the Linksys PAP2 v2.0.

5. Add the needed ENV variables while using psp boot. This is important. Just copy them from a PAP2 v2.0 and change unique info (MAC, IP, etc.) to match D-Link VTA-VR.

6. On a PC or Linux box, hexedit the 1.00.13 .bin firmware file and change Location 0x000B byte from 0xFF to 0x17. (This will make psp boot take the file)

7. Use the psp boot TFTP option to load-up the firmware .bin file to the proper partion (there are 2 if you want a backup partition pre-loaded, you must load it).

8. set the PSPBOOT env variables to point to the proper boot partition (BOOT_CFG.. )

9. Done.

The hardware is mildly different, making the LEDs not work, so you do not get any blinky lights as you use the thing. But, the web interface works, and you can work away. Also, I dont remember the ADMIN_PWD being set.. You may need to set it to something. (It is a Unix passwd hash).

NOTE: My testing did not include setting-up any SIP service on this VTA-VR running PAP2v2 firmware. At the time, that was not in the test schedule. If I have time, I will try it again and report results here.

rcilink or anyone out there, could someone tell me what are the PAP2 v2.0 environment settings? I would like to know about the partition on the PAP2 v2.0.

I really want to play with loading the PAP2 v2.0 firmware on the DLINK. I want to be able to make create Quick Dial.



Does anyone know if NA2a (mod firmware) allows username to have alphabets ? like galaxyvoice usernames that start with R ? I tried with the stock firmware and it did NOT work. Appreciate response.