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Hugo, MN

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Re: Spotlight On! [Tag your it]

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Gee thanks, Brainless See Profile!
Well, I've never been much for being in the spotlight. But here goes.

My name is Tim. My friends call me Timmy!!!(it's a South Park reference). I'll be 42 in July. Happily single, currently living in Minnesota, and working in the I/T industry at a nuke facility. I've been a lot of things up to this point. Farm hand, sheet rocker, framer, laborer, soldier, mechanic, printer, and even worked in the health food industry for a brief period.

I'm sort of a loner. I hang out with a very small group of people, but they're some of the best you'll ever meet. I enjoy drinking to excess at times I like loud music. I'm a frustrated guitar/ bass player. I love to hop on the bike and just ride. I've been told I'm funny. At least once I get to know you anyway.

I've gone through kind of a black period over the past 4 years or so. Lost several friends and family members. Death, pain, and misery suck. It's amazing how deep and dark the hole is that this stuff can knock you into. That's one of the reasons I picked up a camera. Trying to find the beauty in things again. It's working. Life is good

Anyway, that's me in a nutshell. A sad happy frustrated guitar bass playing picture taking nuclear I/T biker! The picture Posted here is from 2004. I took off on a solo trip for 4 days on the bike, and ended up in the Black Hills. Good times!!

And as for who is thrust into the spotlight next? Let's go with JRSlater8 See Profile
There are some who call me.....Tim?

Do or do not... there is no try

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Oh crap! Was hoping I'ld have more time!

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I am originally from Maine, upon graduation from high school I entered the US Army, where I served for eight years. While serving in the Army I was sent to the Republic of Panama, met and married my wife and this April will be our 18th year together. I have one son who will be 17 this year. We also have two dogs and one cat. I am currently employed by the United States Army as a civilian. I am currently living in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia!

Now it's only fair to tag the originator, so waynegilbert See Profile Tag, your it!

EDIT: waynegilbert See Profile's comment reminded me that I forgot to add something. I also turned 39 last November.