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Minneapolis, MN
reply to jslik

Re: Gee, which side are you on Karl?

said by jslik:

Obviously, you don't know how these negotiations take place. Go do some research between what cities asked for initially and what they actually got.
Maybe, maybe not- I'm not a negotiator.

However, you didn't find this a bit... questionable?

Smith said Tampa gave Verizon a $13 million "needs assessment" that he says was required by law in order to obtain contributions for equipment for public access and government channels. The city's existing cable franchise, Bright House Networks, had paid $5.5 million and pledged $1 million more, he said.

Smith also said under Florida law, a competitor would be required to match that amount to obtain a franchise.
If incumbent Bright House paid and pledged $6.5 million and law requires Verizon merely match that, why would they now "need" $13 million for Verizon to enter the market? This strikes me as either protection of the incumbent monopoly or simple greed barely distinguishable from legalized extortion, hence my skepticism concerning Tampa's side of the story.