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Minneapolis, MN
reply to jslik

Re: Hello and Welcome to 2001

said by jslik:

said by dynodb:

Read the article; the story the FCC sounds pretty credible....Are we really supposed to believe that Verizon could've said "no thanks, I don't think we'll pay" and still gotten the franchise? Not bloody likely; of course it was a demand, whether officially represented as so by Tampa or not.
Did you read the article?

"Oddly enough, Verizon mentions the tangle with Tampa in its comments with the FCC, but does not name the city nor does it reference the math program. It did, however, revise its comments and apologize after a complaint from Tampa about how the company represented the negotiations"

If the FCC is so 'credible', why did Verizon apologize to Tampa?
They revised their complaint after the city of Tampa- the one's with the power to approve or deny Verizon's right to do business in the city- complained. I think that Verizon's incentive to back down is rather clear.