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wireless bridge between 9108A and 5461A

basically i have the following devices
- USR9108A Wireless MAXg ADSL2+ Gateway
- USR805461A 802.11g Wireless MAXg Router
I bought usr because of the good reviews and the great deal i could get on them over where i live.

I set up the 9108 as adsl gateway and that worked like a charm. The 9108 is located in my living room.

In another room (which i can not reach with cable, hence this topic) i have a wired network of 4 pc's for which i bought the 5461. Now i would like to transmit the "internet connection" that the 9108 has to the 5461 so that the pc's in that room have an internet connection (@ adsl speed) and still have a connection through wire (@ 100mbit).

I know both devices are bridge and wds capable, yet i have no clue how to do this.
I've been messing around for hours now and still no success.
So if anyone can give me a detailed (or any) decription on how to do this, i would be greatfull

/me goes to mess some more =(